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Posted By: kemberly13
they said a way to a mans heart is to his stomach ! so i cooked food for someone who i loved the most :
Posted By: Anne30
I love cooking. But only for Filipino food.I wanna cook a simple dish for my especiall someone. Someone is there for me????
Posted By: senyoritakimmy
I really love chicken and pork adobo. Heres the steps and the ingredients that youll need: Garlic half glove minced Onion 2 pieces small onion chopped Pepper 1 tablespoon minced Sugar 1 tablespoon Soy sauce 1 cup Vinegar 1/4 cup P...
Posted By: Natalie911
Tell me what I dont know
Posted By: POEAdmin
Welcome to the Cooking and Recipes thread. Please be sure to follow the code of conduct and have an enjoyable time.
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