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Posted By: Emmanex33
Can a woman still trust to work a VISA for guy! All for love
Posted By: Beka29
Hello everyone here, hope you are all well and fine. I was asking do true love in this group really exist??? Iam saying this because, since i joined this group i have not found my match or my woman or love of my life... Am i not handsome no...
Posted By: Frankifranky
I just want to ask if money is the reason why most ladies are here?
Posted By: Princess600
Hello ,i want to inform you men here that,when a lady likes your picture or like you on ice breakers it doesnt mean we women are cheap,so becareful and never reject the special woman who God might be bringing to your way.
Posted By: Micka26
I want to meet a man kind and honest here so I joined but I love the man I was serious when I have just one message does that mean I do not want :
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