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Posted By: nely
Thank you for being a part of my life. I may not be here often but I sincerely treasure your friendship. Have a great weekend.
Posted By: DonDany
ISomeone asked me if there is still such as true love and genuine relationship?. My answer is "YES and NO" what ever happens around you is dependent on your conviction. If you believe that love is a gift you give urself then true love exist...
Posted By: Petersburg
What do I seek for in a relationship? answer- TRUST,FAITH,UNDERSTANDING,TRUE FEELINGS AND CARING HEART....I want you to know that Trust and Open Minded With Faith Is the Aspect Of relationship and If you really believe and have Trust In Our...
Posted By: Manum
Im new here. I hope i can find a friend or more here. Im from philippines.
Posted By: David Nwojo
Seriously sometime I think all girl are the same, because all my live I have been looking for a girl who is understandable I dont know if I can find one here.
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